Welcome to Holy Family Parish Primary School

Holy Family has a distinctive ethos. Jesus’ teachings and Gospel values are the educational norms that permeate Catholic school life.

Students in our schools have an opportunity to experience learning as an exciting challenge and a lifelong endeavour. They do this through a curriculum that is student-centred and teaches that knowledge brings responsibility.

Our school strives for excellent educational outcomes by enlivening the minds, hearts and souls of our children in a faith-centered learning environment.

Spiritual and character development
A joyful and faith-centered environment enriches and enlivens the minds, hearts and souls of children.

Faith, Learning and Transformation
We offer students and their families the experience of a Catholic community and education focused on faith, learning and transformation in Jesus Christ. Our school provides a range of activities that focus on the spiritual and character development of students whilst inviting them to grow in relationship with God and each other to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Restorative Practices
We expect high standards of student behaviour based on respect and kindness for each other. Our school has policies relating to pastoral care and wellbeing, behaviour management and bullying. These policies and restorative practice programs are based firmly on Catholic beliefs and values and focus on building quality relationships and fostering resilience. Our school is committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for our students, staff and families.

Achieving Potential

Holy Family offers the same curriculum as Government and independent schools, whilst at the same time integrating a Catholic vision of life. Expectations of achievement and conduct are high. The growth and development of each child are fostered by providing pathways for them to achieve their potential.

Our dedicated teachers address the individual needs of each child. They maintain high expectations for all students and encourage them to discover their creativity and unique talents.

Supportive Community
Holy Family has a commitment to support families who wish to access Catholic schooling for their children. No Catholic student will be denied enrolment because their family is unable to pay school fees. Direct debit facilities are available and confidential arrangements for affordable payments can be organised.

Our school is well known for engaged parents, inspired teachers and committed leadership who create a culture of caring in our school. Students thrive in a community that is invested in their development as a whole person.

“I chose Holy Family Parish School because I wanted my child to be nurtured and valued for her intrinsic worth. I love that the school really is a Holy Family where nurturing connections with teachers, peers, older children and parents give my child a sense of importance and belonging”

Janie Cook – Parent