Vision & Mission

Holy Family School finds its justification in the mission of the Church and is:

  • An integral part of the Catholic parish community where Gospel values are demonstrated and celebrated;
  • A school which leads the children to achieve high levels of Catholic religious literacy and practice;
  • A place of harmony, respect and love where each person is treated with justice and dignity, and feels safe and accepted;
  • A community that fosters the development of the whole human person: spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Mission Statement

Our Goals as a Catholic Community are to:

Foster an awareness and appreciation of the Church’s Tradition, heritage and current teachings by:

  • instilling a strong Catholic ethos in all aspects of school life
  • teaching and living out of the Gospel values
  • demonstrating the relationship between life and faith
  • fostering the desire to know Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament
  • implementing an effective religion teaching and learning programme
  • catering for those students who enter the Catholic school later than kindergarten
  • involving the students in parish and school liturgies
  • fostering a sense of service to others through involvement in outreach programmes in the community
  • provide a distinctive Christian environment by
  • staff being living witnesses of Christ
  • fostering the growth of Christian virtues
  • underpinning all policies and practices with the Gospel values
  • teaching all key learning areas from a Catholic perspective
  • encouraging all school community members as participants in evangelisation

Foster the holistic development and affirmation of each student by:

  • developing individual programmes to cater for individual needs to ensure student success
  • valuing each student as an individual
  • recognising and building on the student’s strengths and gifts
  • recognising the innate goodness in each student
  • recognising the face of Christ in each student
  • affirming each student for who they are and their efforts

Provide opportunities to grow in the love of Christ by:

  • daily classroom prayer
  • whole school prayer
  • staff prayer
  • liturgies
  • sacramental celebrations
  • modelling and witnessing to Christ
  • giving the students the opportunity to experience Jesus in the Word
  • prayer for community gatherings
  • prayer celebrations for special feasts
  • celebrating the events of the liturgical year
  • providing opportunities for staff to grow in their own faith through participation in faith formation programmes

Encourage school members to be active participants of the parish community by:

  • staff participating in special ministries within the parish
  • celebrating with the parish community at the weekend liturgies
  • staff being involved in sacramental programmes within the parish
  • student involvement in occasional weekend liturgies
  • celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation with the parish community

Encourage an understanding of people of different faiths and cultures by:

  • fostering understanding and acceptance
  • promoting understanding of those cultures represented in the community
  • encouraging participation of other cultures in school life
  • respecting religious freedom
  • implementing indigenous education programmes and policies
  • implementing the diocesan anti-racism policy

Our Goals as a Catholic Educational Community are to:

  • Strive for quality education, in the light of the Gospel values which challenges all students to achieve their full potential by
  • ensuring that teaching staff wherever possible are practising and knowledgeable Catholics
  • ensuring that staff are committed to the mission of the church
  • providing quality instruction from thoroughly prepared educational programmes
  • encouraging staff to continue their personal and professional development
  • provision of adequate resources
  • ensuring a safe and happy working environment
  • implementation of appropriate diocesan and Board of Studies guidelines and syllabi
  • managing the school in accordance with all the current government legislation
  • catering for students who have special needs

Provide a comprehensive outcomes based curriculum that encompasses all the key learning areas, promotes a high standard of education and meets the needs of individual students by:

  • providing individual programmes to cater for individual needs
  • designing and implementing school based policies, procedures and curriculum documents
  • ensuring that forms of assessment, recording and reporting of student progress to their parents are linked to the curriculum while they are comprehensive, accurate and preserving the confidentiality of students
  • supporting them academically, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

Develop personal skills to enable students to lead fulfilling lives by:

  • providing opportunities for students to create, value, choose, communicate, cooperate, serve, and discover
  • implementing programmes that develop persons who are responsible and inner directed and capable of choosing freely and in accordance with their conscience
  • providing opportunities for students to be independent learners
  • by providing opportunities for students to learn to work cooperatively with others

Engender an atmosphere of pastoral care which embraces teachers, students, clergy, and parents by:

  • teaching and reflecting Gospel values
  • initiating programs and structures to cater for the pastoral needs of all
  • implementing management and discipline policies based on mutual respect and justice.
  • harmonious and friendly interpersonal relationships

Our Goals as a Community within the Wider Community are to:

  • Model Catholicity as a whole community by
  • modeling the Gospel values
  • constantly strengthening the religious dimension and Catholic ethos.
  • promoting activities of service to the community.
  • striving to be inclusive.
  • actively practising our faith.
  • acknowledging the role of the pastors of the Church and welcoming their involvement in the school
  • Celebrate the Church’s liturgical year together with events in the school, local and wider community by
  • joint planning and participating in liturgies with the parish
  • co-hosting parish liturgies
  • participating in Christian community activities e.g. Christmas Carols by Candlelight.
  • planning and celebrating special liturgies for Easter, Lent, etc, and inviting the wider community
  • Encourage and promote harmonious relationships between Holy Family Parish School community and the wider community by
  • effective communication
  • reflecting the cultural and economic diversity of the local community.
  • encouraging others to participate in the planning, policy development, decision making and evaluation of school outcomes.
  • establishing a sense of community between students, parents, staff, pastor and parish.
  • participating in community events such as Birth to Kindergarten Project.

Acknowledge the role of the family as an integral part of the school, parish and wider community by:

  • regular reporting and information to parents
  • issuing invitations to special events.
  • inviting parents and others to be part of class activities as helpers or mentors.
  • encouraging attendance at parish celebrations
  • encouraging parent participation in all aspects of school life e.g. School Committee and P&F.